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Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 Universal Antifreeze & Coolant

Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 is a Heavy Duty Extended Life Virgin state-of-the-art premium quality 50/50 pre-mixed Antifreeze / Coolant. Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 is engineered with Nitrite Molybate organic acid technology (NMOAT) Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 provides exceptional total system cooling protection 600,000 miles in on-road, and 12,000 hours in off-road use, including superior protection in all cooling system components with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors with anti-scaling and lubricating properties. Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 is recommended for use in cooling systems of all heavy duty diesel engines as well as light duty truck and automotive gasoline engines. Road King HD EL Gold 50/50 will not change the color of a competitor’s antifreeze during top-off service. This makes an excellent choice for quick-lubes, automotive repair shops, auto dealerships, and large trucking fleets.

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