Equipment & Product Storage Tanks

Vertical Product Storage Tanks

• VT0105-23 105-Gallon Product Storage Tank
• VT0160-28 160-Gallon Product Storage Tank
• VT0225-31 225-Gallon Product Storage Tank
• VT0300-35 300-Gallon Product Storage Tank
• VT0500-46 500-Gallon Product Storage Tank

Electric A/C Product Dispensing Pump

• Flojet 1.6 GPM, 60 PSI, 115 Volt A/C Electric Pump
• Dispenses IFL Windshield Washer Fluid & Antifreeze products
• Chemical-resistant polypropylene pump head for long life
• Latest technology internal check valve for reliable self-priming
• Automatic Pressure switch control to run the pump only as needed
• Mounted and enclosed in a plastic container for added safety

275-Gallon & 330-Gallon IBC Totes

Rhino Tank 310-Gallon Gravity Dispensing System

• . Rhino Tank RTT1510 Specifications
• . Rhino Tuff Tanks_Innovative Fluids_310 Gal_Gravity Feed System_Assembly Instructions

Equipment Specification Sheets (PDF)

Vertical 105-Gallon Tank
Vertical 160-Gallon Tank
Vertical 225-Gallon Tank
Vertical 300-Gallon Tank
Vertical 500-Gallon Tank
Standard FLOJET Electric A/C Dispensing Pump
275-Gallon & 330-Gallon IBC Totes

Standard IFL 225-Gallon Vertical Tank & Pump Package