Innovative Fluids Partner Services

Don’t lose another customer because you don’t deliver these products in bulk.

Let us do it for you.

Innovative Fluids supplies your company with wholesale costs products, complete customer site storage equipment systems, delivery tank truck, and driver. You invoice your own customer at your desired rate. Your company gains instant profits with zero capital investment.
Free Keep-Full Auto-Fill Delivery

Innovative Fluids products are delivered direct to your customer’s location on a keep-full basis. Innovative Fluids uses state of the art delivery trucks designed with the highest degree of efficiency and quality control. Innovative Fluids delivery fleet is operated by CDL HAZMAT drivers to safely deliver and transfer windshield washer fluid & and antifreeze products directly to your customer’s location. Innovative Fluids delivery fleet is also GPS equipped for on-time tracking management.

Standard 225-Gallon Tank Package

  • Vertical 225-Gallon Product Storage Tank
    Tank Dimensions (76” High x 31” Diameter)
  • Electric 110 Volt / AC 1.6 GPM Product Dispensing Pump
  • 25 Ft. Coiled Product Dispensing Hose
  • Hand Trigger Operated Product Dispensing Gun / Nozzle

Additional Product Storage Tank Options

  • Vertical 105-Gallons (67” High x 23” Diameter)
    *Antifreeze Only
  • Vertical 160-Gallons (68” High x 28” Diameter)
  • Vertical 300-Gallons (81” High x 35” Diameter)
  • 275-Gallon & 330-Gallon Totes also available

For optional tank availability and custom tank sizes and volumes in your area, please contact us Toll Free: 1-800-889-2110

For additional information about Innovative Fluids Partnership Services and pricing in your area, please contact:

Todd McClead
U.S. National Accounts Manager
Innovative Fluids, LLC.
Direct: 216-385-8601

Downloads (PDF)

o Innovative Fluids Partnership Services Flyer
o Partnership Services Presentation
o Equipment Agreement
o Credit Application